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Here are some links you should have:

 A 21st Century Engineering Program in Madison, WI.


 International Technology Education Association (ITEA)
     Department of Public Instruction

    Home Page - WWW.DPI.STATE.WI.US

     DPI - Technology Jobs Page
     Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) WWW.ACTEONLINE.ORG
      Basics of Design Engineering. This site has a wealth of information on a wide variety of materials and processes. This is a great reference site for mechanical design, principles of engineering, and machining and fabrication courses.
      Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine. Visit the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in addition to a lot of articles related to air and space. This is a great site for aviation information.
      Leonardo Home Page. Discover the works of Leonardo da Vinci. This site has a number of really engaging material for middle schoolers. Included is a Quiz to see if they can determine what Leonardos invention really is based on one of his original sketches.
      LITE-Learning Institute for Technology Education. This is a good resource site for articles about technology education and also some very good links to other sites.
      Space Science & Engineering. This site has more information about space-related topics.
      The Complete Guide to Digital Cameras. If you want to know more about digital cameras this is definitely the place to go. If you cant find the information here, you probably wont find it anywhere.
      Cool Tech Links. This site contains a number of links to some very interesting websites for tech ed.
      A Lifetime of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. This site promotes a program by the National Science Foundation which showcases the broad range of solutions that innovators have developed to address key gender equity issues.
      Welcome to Discover Engineering. This is a great site to steer students who are curious about what an engineer does. The site is well done with a variety of information and links for students as well as ideas for teachers. This site also contains information about the Future Cities Competition.
      Technology Connection Index-This site provides many links in the areas of communications, construction, transportation, manufacturing, engineering, and biotechnology. This site does contain a few deadlinks but still provides a lot of information. Go to:
      Description Good progressive Technology Education site complient with ITEA
      and WTEA philosophy of Technology Education. Includes: Activities, Program
      description, Philosophy, Definitions, Links, HTML Unit.


      The purpose of this site is to allow high school students from different geographical areas to cooperatively work on designing a bridge. The site includes a discussion forum. You can find a ton of related bridge engineering concepts and content.
      Explore New Worlds Through Science and Technology. This site also has a few more activities for grades 4-8.
      Ever wonder how a machine,product or concept works. This site
      has it all for the curious, inquisitive teenager or their teacher. Send your students here to get the answers.


      Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. Learn more about the green philosophy. This site gives some very good insights into using the earths resources in a realistic, conservative manner. Building techniques, electrical power generation, and transportation are areas which are highlighted.
      Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2000-01. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is online! Give your students the opportunity to explore career possibilities with the latest, most up-to-date information. Check it out-some career areas are quite a surprise both in projected increases/decreases and outlook for the future.
      This good site for those of you building trebuchet style catapults. Has a free download of wintrebstar software for trebuchet/catapult simulator that you can change the parameters and simulate testing


      Flying Pig Gallery. Through the use of some clever cut-outs which are animated, a number of mechanical principles are illustrated. This could have some potential for elementary and middle school courses.
      Technology Education Collegiate Association (TECA) is a student organization. Our main goal is to promote technology education to other students and the community. TECA membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in technology. This organization promotes Professional, Community, and individual development through a variety of activities (competitions, professional conferences, fund raising projects, etc.).
      Tech Ed Resources Links-This is the tech ed resources page from the Technology and Industry Education Department at the University of Missouri-Columbia. There is a lot of information here in a wide variety of areas. Head for:
      Probably one of the greatest assets we as technology teachers have going for us is the great diversity of the technology field. With it we can engage our students in a vast number of fascinating and thought-provoking subjects. This issue contains web sites from a few facets of our field.
      Scientific American The October, 1997 issue is devoted to the future of Transportation. Get a glimpse into what the experts feel is in store for us in the 21st century. See what new technologies will influence transportation in the future. Learn what they feel is the future for technologies that we now teach such as the hovercraft and mag-lev.
      NASAS Quest Project This NASA Web site gives teachers and students a wealth of information, but also gives them the opportunity to participate in interactive NASA activities. Get your students involved in the Mars Project.
      Design-A-Prowler Have your students see the assembly process take place on-line as they put together a virtual Plymouth Prowler-the high tech street rod of the future!
      Telerobot Have your students experience what its like to operate a remotely-controlled robot. In this case, the robot is half way around the world at the University of Western Australia in Sydney. It does take some amount of work to understand what is going on, but the results are exciting. This site also has a number of links to robot-related information.
      Elementary Technology Design Briefs This site should be required viewing for all elementary teachers. There are a large number of activities which will assist the elementary teacher in integrating technology into their curriculum. The activities center around the four areas of technology.
      Technology Education Index Get a new and fresh perspective on technology education by visiting this tech ed site in Great Britain. Dont be too surprised to see more than a few links back to the good ol US of A. Really though, this site contains a wealth of information and links on a variety of resources and activities many of us could use.
      Popular Science This is the on-line version of the book that so many of us have read throughout the years to get glimpses of what the future may hold. Be sure to check out the science section to see the worlds smallest guitar!!
      The Great Technology Adventure Information on a technology literacy program for grades K-6. It is designed to be integrated into the existing curricula of elementary schools.
      Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education


      Hometime This site is a valuable reference for those teaching in the areas of construction, architecture, engineering, and home repair.
      Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network The information at this site covers a lot of courses. Topics such as alternative energy, energy, and a special kids section are just a few of the areas that can be investigated.
      This is a great site for Video Production and Mass Media information. The site has a cyber text with 70 chapters full of video production information and a mass media cyber text that in progress.


      The Technology Education Lab Lots of information and links to valuable resources for the technology educator.

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