How do I find out when my membership expires?

Check the mailing label on the back of your copy of the Interface Journal.  The first line will always show the date that your membership expires.

How do I get more involved in the WTEA?

Contact any member of the WTEA Board of Directors they will tell you how to: present at the conference, host a regional meeting after school, run for an elected office, or join a committee.

What is the difference between the Interface Journal and the eInterface?

The Interface journal is published e times per school year and is only mailed to WTEA members. The eInterface is an electronic newsletter sent by email. It is used to communicate timely information about Technology & Engineering events and news.  It is sent free to all interested people.

I joined the WTEA at the spring conference, why did my membership expire already?

The WTEA membership year  is like a school year; it runs from Sept. 1st through Aug. 31st. Renew your membership each spring (after the conference) and you will always covered for the following year.

What is my WTEA membership ID number?

Your member ID number is on the mailing label of your Interface Journal.  You can also send an email request to the WTEA Executive Director, and he can verify your membership ID number and expiration date.