WTEA Flexible Teaching Award

The WTEA has created a new award for the 2020-2021 school year. This year teaching is different for most educators. Whether your class is virtual, in person, or hybrid your instruction has been uniquely modified to facilitate to all your learners. This year the WTEA will not be utilizing our traditional association awards; instead we are focusing on recognizing any and all Technology Teachers who have had to modify their teaching and classroom. This award is for any and all WTEA Members. Everyone is eligible. If you were an award recipient in the past you are still eligible. If you are nominated for this award, it will not affect your chances of getting an award in the future. Please note that we will continue with our traditional awards once our classrooms get back to normal.

Award Criteria

This award is available to Technology Education Teachers, and or the entire Technology Education Programs. Teachers and/or Programs are either nominated, or can nominate themselves. Teachers and or programs who are nominated for the “Flexible Teaching Award” are to create an electronic portfolio that demonstrates the five categories identified below.

  1. Preparation: Teacher/Department has shown and demonstrated the preparation necessary to prepare this lab or lesson. Description of the steps taken to facilitate the lesson/lab to students. Include pictures, notes, list and any other pertinent information that will help demonstrate the preparation that was required to facilitate this lab/lesson
  2. Lesson/Lab: Describe the lab/lesson. Include any components used to teach. These could consist of video tutorials or links to videos that were used. Step by step instructions for students to follow. Include any worksheets that were used. Describe the goal of the lesson/lab. Explain the unit of instruction the lesson/lab was tied to.
  3. Creativity: Exhibit the creativity of the lab/lesson. Demonstrate how the lab/lesson allowed students to express their creativity. Include any examples of students’ work that showcases the creativity achieved. Demonstrate how the lesson/lab was created creativity.
  4. Engagement: Showcase your students engaged in the lab. Define the culture of your class, include grade level and diversity. Provide examples of students being engaged, this could include photos, screenshots, videos, or student testimonials.
  5. Movie/Slideshow: Create a 1-2 minute video showcasing the entire lab/lesson experience. Or put together a slideshow with photos, movies and captions showcasing the flexible teaching in your lab/lesson.

Your Electronic Portfolio

Assemble your portfolio to showcase the material identified above. There are many medias that can be used to create the portfolio. The only criteria is that the portfolio should be digital so it is easy to share with the WTEA Awards Committee.

Please click on the link to see a sample nomination for the award. This is just a sample to showcase what a completed nomination could look like. This is by no means the only way material can be submitted. Google Sites was used to create this portfolio example.  


Link to criteria: This a sample of the rubric that the WTEA Awards Committee will use to evaluate the portfolios.


Link to nomination form: Award nominations can be made by an administrator, colleague, or you can self-nominate.


If you need assistance or have award questions please contact our committee by email at awards1@wteafoundation.org