Student Ambassador Program


The WTEA Student Ambassador Program is an initiative set forth by Wisconsin’s premiere Technology Education Association to inspire students to join the wonder field of teaching technology education. The WTEA Student Ambassador Program is designed to be a mentor/men-tee program. Classroom teachers who recognize students as potential and future technology teachers support their path to becoming an educator.

This is How it Works:

Classroom instructors work day in and day out with students and can identify those few students who poses the “Gift” of teaching. Sometimes it is as easy as recognizing a student who helped a classmate out on a math problem, or showed them how to use the classes laser engraver. These special students demonstrated the “knack for teaching”. The WTEA has set up a structure to mentor those students and expose them to an honorable career in Technology Education.

First things first, reach out to that student and let them know you noticed their inherent ability to work with their peers. Praise them, and let them know that you think they have a future in teaching. Start the discussion and see where it goes. If the student is interested and wants to learn more, enroll them in the WTEA Student Ambassador Program.


Students enrolled in the WTEA Student Ambassador Program will participate in a number of actives set out by the WTEA, the activities range from preparing and delivering a class lesson to volunteering at various Student Competitions and events across the state.


Students enrolled in the program will visit the two premiere Technology Education training institutions; University of Wisconsin Stout and University of Wisconsin Platteville. During these visits they will tour the campus focusing on the Technology Education Department, sit in on a panel of current enrolled technology education students, and have the opportunity to talk with counselors on admission to the institutions.

Mentors will aid Students in the application process and admittance to the schools, along with assist them on applying for various scholarship opportunities set out for Future Technology Education Students.

The Leading Edge

Students who enroll in the WTEA Student Ambassador Program gain a leading edge on a path to the wonder career of teaching. Establishing a relationship with a mentoring teacher and the WTEA will lay the foundation for a long and strong career in teaching technology educations.

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